The Burned Out Delivery Truck

Just another day wandering the streets.
Underneath 155th st. I came across a broken down delivery truck I’ve noticed around town before, due to the smooth spray paint work. Upon further inspection I learn that I have come across a very fresh arson scene. I caught a whiff of the burned out interior and made sure not to catch another. It wasn’t the worst smell I’ve come across in New York, a roaring charcoal grill with some tires thrown in would come close to replicating it. This had to be the work of a flamer, an arsonist for the non-Arrested Development fan. The whole cabin was perfectly scorched and the surrounding cars had no damage. The final clue is the inscription written on the hood in black sharpie marker from the likely culprit; “Fuck You, guy!” They even took the time to write an exclamation point!